Mini GU10 35w 230V Ø35mm , dæmpbarhalogenpære

45 kr.

Opgrader din belysning med vores Mini GU10 halogenpære. Dæmpbar og energieffektiv – det perfekte valg til din hjemmebelysning. Besøg os nu.

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Introducing the Mini GU10 35w 230V halogenpære – the perfect lighting solution for your home or workspace. With its compact size and dæmpbar design, this halogen bulb is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to any environment.

The Mini GU10 halogenpære features a Candela rating of 500Cd, providing a bright and focused light that is perfect for highlighting specific areas or objects. Its Ø35mm diameter and 47mm height make it easy to install in any standard GU10 socket, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fixtures and lamps.

Designed to operate at 230V, this halogen bulb delivers a warm and inviting light that is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms, or dining areas. Whether you need task lighting for reading or accent lighting to showcase artwork, the Mini GU10 35w halogenpære is up to the task.

With its dæmpbar capability, you have full control over the brightness of the light, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you want a soft, subtle glow for a relaxing evening or a bright, energizing light for working or studying, this halogen bulb can easily adapt to your needs.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the Mini GU10 35w halogenpære and experience the difference that quality illumination can make in your space. Bring warmth, style, and versatility to your home or office with this innovative and reliable lighting solution. Illuminate your world with the Mini GU10 35w 230V halogenpære.


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