Diolux LED R4d-2 GU10 5W/940 (225 Lumen) Ra95 38° dæmpbar (5w=35w halogenpære), 30000 timer

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Skab stemning og atmosfære med Diolux LED pærer. Dæmpbar, høj farvegengivelse og lang levetid – det perfekte valg til dit hjem. Bestil nu.

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This Diolux LED R4d-2 GU10 bulb is not just any ordinary light source; it is a game-changer in the world of lighting solutions. With a luminous flux of 225 lumens, this 5W bulb is the epitome of energy efficiency, providing the equivalent brightness of a 35W halogen bulb. The color rendering index (CRI) of greater than 95 ensures that colors appear natural and vibrant, making this bulb perfect for settings where accurate color representation is crucial.

Measuring at 50mm in diameter and 56mm in length, this compact yet powerful bulb is designed to fit seamlessly into any GU10-compatible fixture. The 38-degree beam angle ensures focused and uniform light distribution, making it ideal for task lighting or highlighting specific areas in residential or commercial spaces.

But the benefits of this Diolux LED bulb don’t stop there. With a lifespan of 30,000 hours, you can enjoy years of reliable and consistent lighting without the hassle of frequent bulb replacements. The dimmable feature adds another layer of versatility, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance to suit any occasion.

In addition to its impressive performance, this LED bulb is also environmentally friendly, boasting an energy efficiency rating of A+. By choosing this bulb, you are not only saving on energy costs but also reducing your carbon footprint.

Illuminate your world with the Diolux LED R4d-2 GU10 bulb and experience lighting at its finest. Whether you’re upgrading your home or enhancing your workspace, this bulb is sure to exceed your expectations in both performance and quality. Say goodbye to outdated lighting solutions and embrace the future of illumination with the Diolux LED R4d-2 GU10 bulb.


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